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Kotex menstrual pad ad, U.S.A., August, 1921
Theatre Magazine

Would you travel while menstruating if you had to wash out and dry the cloth pad after using it? In a hotel? In a friend's house? That's what I thought.

Kotex didn't make the first throw-away pad but made it more common right after World War I.

This ad appeared near the beginning of Kotex's career. See maybe the first big Kotex ad and another small one. And some articles about the new thing Kotex was made of, Cellucotton.

Theatre Magazine? That spelling seems hoity-toity but might have fit the people who would read this monthly. Just look at the ads below if you doubt me. Never doubt your MUM. Never.

In addition: A Japanese menstrual art mystery - solved?

Like, like, an Anne Frank tampon? In Japan? Totally!

Below middle: The black-and-white Kotex ad grabs the bottom
half of the left hand column of the page, which is almost 1/2 the width of the page. The page measures 9 1/2 x 12 1/2" (24.1 x 31.8 cm).
Below right: Just above the Kotex ad sits this one for a swimsuit. See it bigger, below.
Inset with arrow: Making the ad: someone probably taped the squiggly cross hatching onto the ad and
another drew the line; an artist drew the picture. Then a worker photographed the whole page to make a printing plate.
Finally, a press churned it out with the rest of the plates to make the magazine. Sorry,  just thought you'd want to know.
Today someone at a computer does the layout much faster - and cleaner.

Below: Chances are the woman in the bathing suit was NOT
using the huge Kotex pad offered right below her. If she dared
immerse herself, the menstrual blood would fight the water
for a place in the bloated pad - and the blood would leak
everywhere. And unless she used a homemade tampon
(or sponge) - unlikely - she couldn't use a commercial
tampon because Kotex and Tampax
and others hadn't sold theirs yet.
Below: So where's this funny
Japanese picture
in the ad?
Nowhere! Tricked you! Well, I want to show you something about female beauty in two cultures below.
Below: Who read Theatre Magazine? Read the text for clues. And look at her theatrical pose: her eyes, hands and arms like the walking woman, below, right, enlarged all the way at the bottom. And artificial - hoity-toity.
Left: The woman in the Japanese print and in the ad have tiny - delicate? - mouths. The little beak is common in early Japanese prints - but only in pictures of women. Men (below) are more realistic although the eyes - well, he's full of hatred (according to the source, below) and is an actor. Just like our ad woman.

Look at the teeth in the pictures. Japanese women often blackened their teeth. The American has white teeth, the home team ideal.
The man's teeth - white - menace while peering out below the upper lip.

Japanese Woman (a prostitute): Section of "The Courtesan Hinazuru of Choi-ya" by Eisui, late 1790s. The Art Institute of Chicago.

Japanese man, bottom: Section of "The Actor Tanimura as Washizuka Yaheiji" by Sharaku, 1794.  Honolulu Academy of Arts.

Both from Ukiyo-E: 250 Years of Japanese Art, Neuer and Yoshida, 1978.

A Japanese menstrual art mystery - solved?

Instructions for making Japanese washable menstrual pads (early 20th century?)

More Kotex: Ad 1928 (Sears and Roebuck catalog) - Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday

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Left: The woman in the ad walking dramatically on the beach. Compare her raised left hand with the hands of the large woman.