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Teeve menstrual tampons, Italy, 1967 (Johnson & Johnson)

See the first page.

Tambrands kindly donated the box as part of a large gift of ancient menstrual products.

Below: Only six tampons remained in the box when Tambrands donated it to MUM - and what lousy tamponmanship! The ends are not cut at right angles and the strings aren't knotted, which causes problems shown on the next few pages that must have made the poor Italian woman yell Mama mia! Compare the sloppy craftsmanship with the even worse job on a Turkish imitation of Tampax. The irregular tampons measure about 2 x 9/16" (5.3 x 1.1 cm), the strings about 4.5" (11 cm). Blue paper that feels like American coarse brown kraft wrapping paper (although thinner) encases the cotton (?) absorbent end.
Below: Look at how the 'pons' shapes vary!

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panty pads with real pad (German) - see an Italian washable pad (19th century?)

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