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Telephone-booth ad for Libresse menstrual pads
London, England (2006?)

There's much evidence that the British have humor - er, humour - and it's strengthened by the ad below. The contributor, the gentleman who also sent us radio ads by gymnast Cathy Rigby and for the infamous Rely tampon, writes,

Mr. Finley--

I was going through some photos of London and got a laugh from this one. A bit of subtle British humour - the phone box with the pantyliner advert has a red handle and the one next to it is green.

I appreciate that you were able to use the three Rely radio spots that I sent you awhile back.

Your work and website are top notch.

I took the picture a few years back. I believe the phone boxes were located near the London Marriott. Something about the image struck me a bit humorous and it wasn't till I had the film developed did I notice the joke.

I will look to see if I can find the date. The British do have a DRY sense of humour.

Just like the woman in the TV ad for hemorrhoids, how'd you like to be typecast as a pantyliner? At the same time she's fending you off she looks cheerful; maybe she's faking it. Or maybe those arms wrap around the panty crotch, replacing the usual wings. Dunno.

More evidence for British humor - and a penis and 3-d glasses!

See an ad for Libresse on a bus stop in the Netherlands.

Thanks again to the generous contributor!

The booth sits near the London Marriott.

See a Tassette menstrual cup ad in Times Square in New York City, 1961, and an ad for Kotex on a boxcar, 1920s

Yet more evidence for British humor. See a Dutch Libresse ad, 1998. See an old American tampon, Lotus.

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