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Actress Susan Dey and Tampax menstrual tampons

Susan Dey, an American television and movie actress (The Partridge Family, Sept. 1970 to 1974; she was 17 when she started), was a teenage model, and appeared in an advertisement dated 1 April 1970 for Tampax at age 17 (below, left; see two more for Tampax). Below, at right, is part of another ad she made at about the same time.

An official of Tambrands, who visited MUM with her son and a member of the company advertising staff, was surprised to learn that Dey had once appeared in a Tampax ad - actually, at least three (see the other two). Ms. Dey also appeared for Pursettes tampons (below).

By the way, this official, Dr. Iris Prager, the manager of North American education for Tampax, e-mailed me in November 2000 when I was preparing for a television debate, writing "You don't have to actually experience menstruation to understand how it works physiologically or to educate about it." She was president-elect of the American Association for Health Education.

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Many pictures, long download!


Left: Dey in a Tampax ad, 1 April 1970
Below: Dey for Pursettes tampons in Ingenue magazine, August 1970. Pursettes often ran wordy ads like this but also cartoons and letters of praise. Comfort referred to the lubricated tip, something tried once before but with also a lubricated applicator.
I thank the donor for the scan!

Above, from the 1970s.


Above and below: Dey in the TV series The Partridge Family, early in her television career. Co-star David Cassidy chats, below.


Like Carol Lynley and Cheryl Tiegs, Dey was a doll (top center).


The unmistakable Susan Dey, probably early in her career. 
Courtesy of Lu Petronelli.

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Cathy Rigby - Cybill Shepherd - Cheryl Tiegs & Ali McGraw - Brenda Vaccaro

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