See also How shall I tell my daughter? and Personal Digest and read the whole booklet As One Girl to Another (Kotex, 1940). Read most of the 1928 Kotex booklet Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday (Australian edition) and the entire 1935 Canadian edition.
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Growing Up and Liking It and Other Menarche Booklets (Modess)
Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Several manufacturers of products for menstrual hygiene made, and make, educational booklets for preadolescent and adolescent girls.

(But at least one company, Personal Products, maker of o.b. tampons, and Stayfree, Modess and Carefree menstrual pads, has stopped producing booklets - see below - and has gone to the Web for this information.)

The booklets discuss not only menstruation (and offered their own products as the hygienic solution), but also puberty, the girls' developing bodies, boys, and general questions about growing up. Schools often handed these items out to girls, and companies sometimes sold or gave away "starter kits" of their products (here's one for teachers from the early 1950s). As the tobacco companies know, girls and boys will often stay with the product they start with.

Personal Products Company, (but see note above), which makes Modess menstrual pads and tampons (pronounce Mo as mow, as in "mow the lawn," not as in modest; and put the emphasis on "Mo") and Stayfree menstruation napkins (of gymnast Cathy Rigby fame), made the booklets below.

Tambrands, the former maker of the Tampax tampon, generously donated many of these to MUM as part of a huge gift of material relating to menstrual hygiene dating back to the early 1930s, including 20 booklets of this kind. It's a fantastic gift!
And read Lynn Peril's series about these and similar booklets!
The national traveling exhibit The Changing Face of Women's Health (1999-2001) - the biggest about women's health ever - borrowed several of these booklets from MUM to include digital copies of them in the exhibit.

The relative sizes of the books are incorrect.


1944 Read the complete booklet.


1949 Read the complete booklet.




1956 Read the complete booklet.
(left and above) Personal Products also created these booklets, but I do not know if they are part of a series.




1957 Read the complete booklet.


1963 Read the complete booklet.

1964  Read the complete booklet.


1970 Read the complete booklet.


1972 Read the complete booklet.

1976 Read the complete booklet  


1978 Read the complete booklet

1991 Read the complete booklet.

I find the title too aggressive. It's as if it means "like it, or else!" Hm, point well taken!
Read Lynn Peril's series about these and similar booklets! See a teaching kit for teachers (early 1950s).

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