See the Fibs box and an ad for Fibs - 1935-59 ads for Fibs.
See more Kotex items: First ad for the pad (1921; scroll to bottom of page)
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Fibs menstrual tampon, Kotex, U.S.A.
Counter display, 1930s-1940s?


1935-59 ads for Fibs.

Below: Front of the box holding the display (the box is slightly larger than the display). Funny that the text mentions the 3 Fibs boxes but not the display holding them, which it pictures. "Sponsored by the makers of Kotex" is an odd way of expressing - something.
Below: The back and sides are blank; only the top and bottom flaps have text (below).
Below: The top flap of the box. I found no folder in the box. The tampon itself waned out (so to speak) because it was too big according to "Shared Values: A History of Kimberly-Clark" by Robert Spector (1997).
Below: Bottom of the box.

End - Another tampon counter display from the 1930s: B-ettes.

More sales hints for menstrual products: "All Eyes are on Tampax in 1964"; "TAMPAX The Champ in every way" (1963)"; Your Image is Your Fortune!," Modess sales-hints booklet for stores (1967); "Your 'Keys' to More Profits," Kotex brochure for retailers (1960s).See the box and an ad for Fibs. Instructions in each box of Fibs tampons - 1935-59 ads for Fibs.
See the roughly contemporary Cashay and Dale tampons, and very early Tampax and fax.
See all tampons on this site.

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