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Carefree ad for panty pads, genital washing liquid, and for genital cleaning tissue
Germany, Brigitte magazine, 1991

Right-hand page

Left-hand page and introduction to the whole ad.

See more German Carefree ads.
Compare some other colorful pads and tampons for teens, funny British Carefree panty liner ads, a box of German tampons similar to the pads below, and see advertising directed at teenagers.

Below:  The black-and-white page measures 8 1/2 x 11" (21.6 x 27.9 cm)
and faces a very different looking page although part of the same ad.
There's a reason for this!
Read my translation below the ad.

My translation:
Freshness, health and a positive feeling about their body - woman who are conscious of their femininity project this. The intimate region of the woman is something completely personal. No reason, then, to make this area taboo. A woman who knows her body, and consciously experiences and observes it, understands its signals and feels what's right for it. Whether consciously or intuitively - with intimate hygiene a woman supports the resistance of her body and greatly contributes to her health. Showers, baths and creams are part of the daily care of the body. Why should the intimate region be excluded? Many things can happen in this area because it's richly endowed with oil, sweat and odor glands. And like everywhere on the skin bacteria live in this area - these natural bacteria must be protected in order to avoid infections.

The human body is a wonder of nature. If one pays attention to the signals of the body a woman can learn much about her health. The intimate zone is especially subject to constant change. One recognizes it in the secretions of this region. They can be healthy reactions of the body but also an indication of illness.

In adolescence many girls, even before the first period, get a so-called white discharge. It arises from the still unbalanced production of hormones that are responsible for the development of the sex organs. Of course this discharge is completely new for young girls and sometimes felt as unpleasant and bothersome. But there's no reason for unease: it's a completely normal reaction and a sign of becoming an adult. Here Carefree panty pads are a good aid for the daily hygiene because they're ideal for normal and heavy discharges. Carefree Light is new, and allows air to circulate through a pad that lacks a plastic layer. Carefree Light is suitable for a light discharge or for skin secretions as in sweat during sports.

After menstruation initially begins the body's reactions give information about which phase of the cycle a woman is in. The glands of the uterine lining secrete a clear, thin fluid. After ovulation the fluid becomes thicker, white as milk and viscous. Many  women find this secretion bothersome. Carefree or Carefree Light suffice for complete daily hygiene.

In the time of a girl's physical development before menstruation appears Carefree panty pads protect against an unexpected first menstruation and a sometimes continued white discharge. The birth-control pill can cause breakthrough bleeding. Carefree panty pads protect reliably in this case.

Changes in color and odor of the discharges are an indication that something is not right. For example, a fungus or other infection could be the cause. In these cases you should see a doctor.

Protective care prevents infections in the genitals. Carefree panty pads keep the intimate region dry and clean. Carefree Light - the new porous panty pads without a plastic layer allow a woman with a light discharge to feel confidant and well groomed every day. Wash the genitals with with much lukewarm water and a lotion, for example Carefree Intimate Region lotion, which is designed for the skin in this region of the body.

One can keep fresh underway, at work or traveling with gentle Carefree Intimate Tissues. The soft moist pads are handy, discreet and hygienic packaged; they're the ideal care for out and about. Carefree makes intimate hygiene really simple.

See the translated left-hand facing page.

Gentle Reader,
please note that Carefree waits until almost halfway through the ad before springing its trap! The wissenschaftliche Maske - the scientific disguise - drops in the attack of  brand-name pads, wipes and lotions! Exciting, huh? It might have fooled you until this point. That was the point.

But early on one thing would have given away the trick to an attentive reader: in the upper right corner lies the word ANZEIGE: ADVERTISEMENT.
See more German Carefree ads. Compare some other colorful pads and tampons for teens, funny British Carefree panty liner ads, a box of German tampons similar to the pads below, and see advertising directed at teenagers.

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