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Kotex ad emphasizing shame, 1992
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Many 1930s faces look alike, not only in menstrual ads

Certain eras have certain faces, in illustration anyway. The 1920s and 1930s favored two well known in advertising and magazine-story illustration, when magazines were a major source of fiction. Below are the formally dressed, strong-jawed types readers saw all the time, with large eyes and noses, for the males, anyway. And the men usually had closed mouths, probably indicating control of emotion.

Most famous of all were the men in the Arrow Collar (later, shirt) ads in the U.S.A., (below, second row, at right) by illustrator Joseph C. Leyendecker, probably a homosexual, who lived for decades with his handsome business manager, a former model.

Contrast these with the childish, often identical faces in the Kotex series Are You in the Know? As an illustrator myself, I know that drawing one face many times is easier than coming up with different ones. And I think artists and illustrators, and people in general, tend to favor certain looks.


Above, from the cover of a Peg's Paper, 1931, U.K. (whole cover). Below, from a probably 1930s magazine ad, U.S.A. (whole page, with comments). Bottom, from the same Peg's Paper.


Above, an Arrow Shirt man, by German-American illustrator Joseph C. Leyendecker.

The caption: ". . . until he saw a car pull up and jealousy filled him as he saw another man get out with the girl he himself loved." 
See more flushable pads: Society (American?, 1920s - 1930s?) and New Freedom (American, 1971)

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