See more Kotex nurses. And nurses make money selling tampons!
See the first Kotex ad (scroll down the page a bit).
See the Kotex Quest menstrual pad deodorant.
But read what really causes menstrual odor - you won't like it.
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Kotex menstrual pad ad, U.S.A., July, 1930
Delineator magazine

As here, many Kotex ads mentioned Cellucotton, the absorbent material that Kotex developed during the First World War.

No laundry was one reason women used disposable pads. Cost was nothing to these ladies.

Read Kotex's explanation of how nurses in a sense created Kotex.

The big but later promoters of women being able to play sports while menstruating were of course tampon companies and right from the beginning of that industry. Kotex and other sanitary napkins of the era were huge, tampons tiny - and invisible.

Below: From the July issue of Delineator, 1930. It's black and white and 13 3/4 x 10 1/4"
(about 34.9 x 26 cm) all over, part of the beautiful era of magazines before the oil crisis
of 1973-74 forced many to reduce their size
to save money. See the non-results of another
financial crisis
in the text above the image below this one.

The lighting is unlikely on a tennis court just as it was in an almost contemporary
Modess ad, both probably made in a studio.
Unless the photographer brought his
lights outdoors. Why am I concerned about this?

Below: Text, enlarged.
Picture caption: "Costumes from Kaskel & Kaskel Dunlap."
The New Yorker magazine on Nov. 23, 1929 wrote,
"Kaskel & Kaskel & Dunlap will open a new shop devoted to men's
haberdashery and women's sportswear. 'Where better can the young man
of the town meet the young woman than at a store dedicated to their joint
whims? It is a proper way of bringing young folks together under chaperonage
of people like the Kaskels & the Dunlaps. And with no 3 A. M. social deadline....'"
The stock market had crashed about a month earlier, leading to the Great Depression,
but that seems not to have dampened this announcement.

Disposing of Kotex. Kotex's vending machine, and its wrapped Kotex. Belts to hold the pad in place.
Read two early articles about the creation of "cellulose substance" (Cellucotton), 1917 & 1920.
See Kotex nurses. And nurses make money selling tampons!

And a Dutch nurse with PMS.

More Kotex: Ad 1928 (Sears and Roebuck catalog) - Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday

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