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How shall I tell my daughter? Puberty & menstruation information for mothers to tell daughters
1981, Personal Products Company, U.S.A.
Complete booklet

Below: Pp. 1 (inside front cover)-2
When the museum was open in my house, one visitor told me her physician mother just
handed her a box of pads and said, "You'll need these." No discussion of menstruation, no nothing.
Another said her mother saw her on her bed trying to insert a tampon and did it for her. She
said it was the closest experience she remembered having had with her mother.
Read a little commentary about the subject.

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The companion Growing Up and Liking It booklets (complete: 1944, 1949, 1957, 1964, 1970, 1972, The Personal Products Company, U.S.A.) (many covers, 1944-1978)

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