More from Modess: 1927 Gilbreth report to Johnson & Johnson about Modess - newspaper ads 1927-28 - "Silent Purchase" ad, June 1928 - ad, 1928 - "Modernizing Mother" ads: #1, February 1929 ("Mother . . . don't be quaint"); #3 April 1929 ("Don't weaken, Mother"); #5, June 1929 ("Never mind, Mother, you'll learn") - ad about concealing pad, 1930 - ad compared with Kotex ad, 1931 - ad, 1931 - wrapped Modess pad for dispenser, 1930s? - Ad, U.K., 1936 - True or False? ad in The American Girl magazine, January 1947 - actress Carol Lynley in "How shall I tell my daughter?" booklet ad (1955) - Australian ad, 1957 - ad (1956) with "Modess . . . . because" ad incorporated into it - ad for "Growing Up and Liking It" booklet (1963, Modess) - - Modess . . . . because ads (many dates) - French ad, 1970s? - ad, French, 1972, photo by David Hamilton - Personal Digest leaflets (7), 1966-67: describe Modess products - How Modess Sanitary Napkins Began: excerpts from"A Company That Cares: One Hundred Year Illustrated History of Johnson and Johnson"
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Modess menstrual napkin (pad) ads, 1937 & 1971, U.S.A.

Modess and Kotex fight it out

The second ad, below, snidely refers to "the other napkin" - take that, Kotex! The battle lasted until Modess gave up in the U.S.A. but not in other parts of the world, where some women still sought its "hospital pad." (See an earlier Modess ad in Australia.)

I'm repeating below most of what I wrote about another Modess ad, one from 1971, which also reflected the rivalry between the two brands.

The toxic shock syndrome (TSS) crisis of the late 1970s and early 1980s was probably the first time most women paid attention to what was in their menstrual pads and tampons. Chances are, most women wanted to forget about menstruation, um, PERIOD. This ad tried to yank their attention back to what was between their legs, to its construction, not that they could forget about these wads of absorbent material. One of the contributors to this site - thanks again! - believes that Modess was the best pad in its era.

By the way, comedian Tina Fey points out women's personal awareness of pads and men's obliviousness of their discomfort in "Lessons from Late Night" in the 14 March 2011 The New Yorker magazine in describing the making of the fake "Kotex Classic" commercial for the Saturday Night Live television program. She discusses the fictional reintroduction of Kotex belts and huge pads but doesn't mention that earlier pads were even larger, Modess's filler in the 1920s being 2 feet long.

The ad text refers to many Kotex features; the battle between the two brands lasted for decades as you can see here.

I thank the donor!

Below: From February, 1937, Good Housekeeping magazine.

#4, below, illustrates the common phenomenon of a woman sticking with
what she bought - or her mother bought - when she started her period.

How many women got out the scissors and examined a pad (#5)? Probably close to zero.
The point was to show in the ad what supposedly its virtues were.

Below: From August, 1971, Woman's Day magazine.

More Modess: wrapped Modess pad for dispenser, 1930s? - Ad, U.K., 1936 -
True or False? ad in The American Girl magazine, January 1947 -
actress Carol Lynley in "How shall I tell my daughter?" booklet ad (1955)
"Silent Purchase" ad, June 1928
Many more pad ads
Tampon directory - Panties directory

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