See a prototype of the first Kotex ad.
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Kotex sanitary napkin ad, U.S.A., July 1942

Kotex, like Tampax tampons and many other menstrual products companies, played up any medical connection they could find to bolster the image of their product. In a perfect stroke, nurses wrote from France during World War I claiming they used Kimberly-Clark's bandages for sanitary napkins because they were so absorbent and cheap enough to throw away, unlike the typical cloth sanitary napkin - rag - that women mostly used. Actually, Curads, known for its bandages today, made a disposal pad (see an ad) in the years before and during Kotex's debut. And the German company Hartmann made a disposable menstrual pad in the late 19th century (ad here).

Kotex celebrated its past in this ad but owned up to the uncomfortable pads it made, which were huge (see another uncomfortable-looking pad from that era. No wonder tampons became so popular - see a very early Tampax - partly because of the Dickinson report of 1945.).

And, of course, the ad makes the connection between Kotex's birth in World War I to the was then being fought, World War II. Look at the woman military person on the motorcycle, who might have been sitting on a Kotex pad at that very moment - and she's smiling.

(See the old Kotex ad pictured enlarged here, made from the image below.)

See a prototype of the first Kotex ad.

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