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What did American and European women use in the past for menstruation?
See a prototype of the first Kotex ad.
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Early Japanese ads for menstrual napkin belts, part 2 (part 1, 3)

In 1998 a Japanese college student, Tomoko Maeno, kindly sent a copy of her study of the history of Japanese menstrual products to this museum.

Below and on the following pages I reproduce several ads for menstrual hygiene and sanitary napkin belts from the early 20th century from her thesis.

These sanitary napkin belts replaced a homemade product called the pony, which bore a remblance to the cloth band that collected dropping feces from horses.

Read the general discussion.

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Ms. Maeno dated this 1921, but gave no publication source in the English language. 


Again, Ms. Maeno gave no date or source publication, but it's probably early 20th century. 

The lady below appears in a racier version at the bottom of the page, like the paintings The Maja Clothed and The Maja Nude, by Spanish master Goya. Whoa! Is she smiling in the lower picture? No date or publication for either ad, but it looks like early 20th century.
No American menstrual ad would show a woman actually wearing a sanitary napkin belt - and this one's bare breasted! - but Scandinavia is different. But so is Japan, which until its Christian conquerors puritanized things in 1945 and the following years - at least a bit - had a healthy appreciation for sex unencumbered by Western prejudice.



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