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In Nazi Germany: Spalt pain tablets, 1936
Myzone menstrual pain pills ad, 1952 (Australia)
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Ad for Lydia Pinkham's medicine, 1967
Unknown publication, probably U.S.A.

More patent medicine, sanitary napkin, tampon, pad, belts, menstruation, women's health, ads for teenagers, menstrual period, cycle, panty

Many companies have created solutions for menstruation-related pain although Mrs. Pinkham's must have been among the first in America. A competitor was Midol, which started out as a -, well, see for yourself. And look at the early tins that held them!

"Girl" appears three times in the text, "women" once. Is "girl" demeaning or something you say to someone in pain?

More than one woman told me when the museum was in my house that she didn't believe any women suffered from severe menstrual pain that was "real" - it was all in their heads.

My opinion - but I'm just a guy! - is that some women DO really suffer. Some have it much easier. Guys have it the easiest of all. Read a thousand other opinions about this.

Whoever designed the ad I think did a terrific job.

I thank the generous donor of the scan!

Below: The scan donor didn't say if the ad is in color. But black and white (and blue) seem perfectly appropriate for the mood: black and blue.
Below: Finding the words hard to read? Here's my go at it:
Then, there's that once a month when a girl could use a good old-fashioned medicine.
Maybe you feel just plain bad [there?], because cramps can put anybody out of commission. Or maybe a little lonely and sad. [?] you could use a pair of arms around you.
Well, we have just the thing for the once a month time. Lydia E. Pinkham tablets. They're made with gentle, natural ingredients, including one that works to help relax tightened muscles that give you cramps. Plus a little iron that a girl could use at a time like this. And, you don't run any chance of the kind of unpleasant side effects you could get from some of the newer drugs.
Now, there are a lot of things a girl can take that once a month. But maybe with an old-fashioned problem like this, you should take an old-fashioned medicine.
Lydia E. Pinkham
Maybe the natural way Lydia Pinkham is why a lot of women use it for [?].

End | See PMS Crunch - In Nazi Germany: Spalt pain tablets, 1936 - Myzone menstrual pain pills ad, 1952 (Australia) - Midol ads, Midol tins, Midol booklet
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