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Ad for Kotex pads
U.S.A., Modern Screen magazine, June 1962

Isn't she proper? He's on tenterhooks lusting - for the cup of coffee she's making him.

But she has something else on her mind that I'll explain when you look at the pictures.

Around this time Kotex - but especially Modess - made many ads featuring women with perfect hair and clothes and faces and almost always blue eyes - perfect, of course. Mainly to show that women could look good even while menstruating - if you were white. Other races would have to wait a few years to make an appearance. White perfection starred in the Are you in the know? series.

Below: Inside front cover.

Notice the tiny "person" right above the roses.

Our hostess stutters half loud, "I wonder if I put enough strychnine
in the alien's coffee. Why does he keep bringing her, er, him, um, it?
Below: The alien to the left of the man.
Below: Front cover. The ad above is on the other side.

Mrs. Kennedy's life story was not complete, of course. Not only
was her husband murdered the next year, when this cover appeared
he would soon seduce Mimi Alford, a 19-year-old intern
in the White House.
Over the next year he would often have her picked up and flown in from
her college dorm in Connecticut when Jackie was out of town.

Jackie should have been happy that wasn't on any screen!

Funny she's even featured since she wasn't an actress - but she was much more.
And Grace Kelly had long since left Hollywood, bound for boredom in Monaco.
But I guess this isn't "You Have to Live in Hollywood Right Now Screen" magazine.

No, no, stop asking, I don't have any gossip about Liz Taylor
and Janet Leigh - but I know there's plenty!

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