Are you in the know? GREAT BOOKLET (U.S.A., Kotex napkins and belts, 1956)
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Are you in the know? (November 1945, The American Girl magazine)
Ad for Kotex menstrual napkins teaching etiquette to teenage girls right
after World War II

Featuring stupor-man (NOT the superhero with a similar name) by the
great Irving Nurick.

First page & discussion.
Many more Are you in the know? ads & all ads for teenage girls.
Are you in the know? GREAT BOOKLET (Kotex napkins and belts, 1956)

The guy shaking hands - stupor-man according to the first text block - is shorter than all of them, wears glasses, loafers, and light-color socks, and his pants are too short and not pressed. Are they rolled up? (SEE THE  ENLARGEMENT BELOW THE MAIN AD.)

Note that the girl leans slightly forward to get a closer look at this object; her hip hand indicates, "Oh, boy, we're in for a great time!" and she might punch him shortly.
The ad forms 2/3 of the page horizontally.
Bottom right: "[P]lumpish pigeon" refers to a girl far slimmer than - um, how do I say this? - slimmer than most Americans we see today. Just a thought. Oh, forget it.
Below: O cruel fate!: the poor boy lives forever as "stupor-man" in a Kotex ad. 
I hope he became CEO of Rolls Royce just to spite her.
He actually probably committed suicide in an ad for Midol.
The girl thinks, "OMG, you little creep! Remind me to wash my hand."
In the meantime, trying to make small talk, he stammers, "Uh, gosh, um, 
may I suggest Modess instead of that Super Kotex you're wearing?"

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Are you in the know? GREAT BOOKLET (Kotex napkins and belts, 1956)

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