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Dr White's menstrual towels (pads, napkins)
Ad with menstruating man in women's underwear
1985, United Kingdom

I thank the frequent Dutch contributor for these scans!

Below: The two-page ad from Company magazine.
The right-hand page lies below the top image.
Below: "At the risk of sounding sexist . . . ." (first small-text line) prods me into conjuring this theory:
In America and in most of the West women conceal their periods out of what, shame? This encourages them
to not openly complain since that would reveal their period. Do people like to hear others complain? No.
I wonder to what extent men have made menstruation shameful (if they indeed have)
so they wouldn't have to listen to women gripe about their periods?
Oh, that's just too wacky!
But one of the points of the Steinem essay is that men would not feel the same shame
and thus could take it public.
Bottom line of the ad: "If you're finding your period a problem please feel free to write Sister [unreadable name]"
shows the British use of Sister to designate what in America is called a nurse, just as the Germans use
Schwester, sister, in the same way. The word demonstrates the once intertwining nature of hospitals and religion also seen in
the distinctive nurses' headgear and uniform that once existed in America; it still does in other parts of the world.

See a 3-D Dr White's ad and an ad contest for Dr White's.
More humor in advertising: Simplicity Freedom ads (British): September 1990 - May 1991 - October 1991 -
Freedom Confetti (French): October 1990 - box of Freedom tampons (German): 1991

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