Some roughly contemporary Modess ads:
"Mother . . . don't be quaint" -
Kotex vs. Modess
- Early Modess newspaper ads
See the Kotex Quest menstrual pad deodorant.
But read what really causes menstrual odor - you won't like it.
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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Modess menstrual pad ad
April, 1930, U.S.A.
Selby Arch Preserver Shoe
Art Deco & Modigliani & frosty faces & die neue linie magazine

This highly (Art-) Decorated lady reflects similar women in ads of the 1930s that cross the bounds of high and low: haute couture and, um, menstrual pads.

Johnson & Johnson, which made Modess from cotton - a short history from the company -  competed with the Cellucotton of Kotex, made from trees. The rivalry lasted decades, Modess finally quitting.

But Kotex could match Modess on haughty women. Maybe women were just haughtier then. No, wait, it was the Depression. But it hardly touched these people, even in Germany.

Below: The black-and-white full-page ad measures 10 1/2 x 14"
(26.7 x 35.6 cm).

Below: Right smack on the back of the Modess ad stands this ad for Selby Arch Preserver Shoes. I chopped off the right half. The ad is colored.

: An apparently popular illustrator of the 1930s, Dynevor Rhys
signed his name in the top of the gray vertical stripe to the left
of the woman. Didn't he have his way with "Y"s?
Look at the similar poses, the frosty expressions (see the faces, enlarged, below the ad and the one at the bottom of the page) and fashionable. expensive-looking clothes. They could sell, well, fashionable, expensive looking clothes as well - or better than - menstrual pads and shoes. But they showed that all women needed such lowly items.

What's that shoe peeking into the ad at lower right? Yikes! It'll fry that frost: it's called the Pagan!

Above: Our ads appeared in 1930, Modigliani
expired in 1920, and Art Deco lived from about
1920 to the 1940s. Did the artist influence that
suspiciously similar art movement? Or was it the Zeitgeist?

Below: For your amusement I superimposed the (artificially colored) "S"s in the bottom "Modess" to show what I suspected: the letters don''t match, are hand drawn, and are beautiful. The News of the World long ago accused me of having too much time on my hands.

For dessert, below, a fabulously frosty face. German women could read die neue linie (the new line) magazine from 1929 to 1943. German Wikipedia calls it the first German lifestyle magazine - yes, Germans use the English word lifestyle. "Life" doesn't seem to fit these two, having been created in a lab in a castle basement on a lightning-charged night.

Some roughly contemporary Modess ads:
"Mother . . . don't be quaint" -
Kotex vs. Modess
- Early Modess newspaper ads

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