See how women wore a belt (and in a Swedish ad). See a modern belt for a washable pad and a page from the 1946-47 Sears catalog showing a great variety - ad for Hickory belts, 1920s? - Modess belts in Personal Digest (1966) - drawing for a proposed German belt and pad, 1894 - ads for early 20th-century Japanese belts - belts and washable pads from the 1902 and 1908 Sears, Roebuck catalogs - belt from Jordan, Marsh & Co. catalog, Boston, 1891 - German belt (from Bilz), about 1890

Suspenders to hold pads (U.S.A., 19th century)

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"Hoosier" Ladies' Sanitary (menstrual) Belt, probably before 1925, U.S.A.
The folder, pp. 1 & 2

Main page - folder, pp. 3 & 4 - buckle & enlargements of text & illustration

Another indication of the age of the belt is the loquacious writing in the folder, which compares well with writing from the earliest Sears catalogs.

Read the main discussion.
The folder, below, in reduced size, is a piece of paper (now yellow) folded in half making four pages. Each page measures about 8" x 6" (about 23 x 15mm). The stain that discolored the box and belt discolored the folder as well.


Back page and front page (pages 4 & 1). The open sheet measures 8" x 11.87" (about 30 x 23 mm). The enlarged page 1 lies right below; page 4 is here.
Inside pages (pp. 2 & 3). Page 2 lies below; page 3, enlarged, is here.

Above: Front page (p.1). Folding - so the paper fits the box - has distorted the type and illustrations throughout.
Above: First inside page (p.2). I enlarged the illustration here.

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