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***The Perils of Vaginal Douching*** (essay by Luci Capo Rome) - the odor page
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A page from the catalog of the German company Thalysia, showing douche and menstruation supplies, 1933 (page 2 - pages 1, 3, 4, 5)

The text, below, hints at the fact that some readers may not have been used to using pads, much less changing them. Going back centuries, women had often bled into their underwear without changing it, and still did in some groups in Europe (read more about this).


My translation of the above:
Vagol, for intimate hygiene [the label on the bottle reads Frauen-Spülwasser, "Women's Douching Water"]
The most careful attention should be devoted to the cleanliness of the genitals, especially during menstruation. Infectious diseases will be halted by washing and douching with our Vagol preparations, which hinder the penetration of microbes and causes of putrefaction that cause serious illness, under which the whole body suffers and consequently one's beauty [!]. Here one must mention the indispensable menstrual pads, which, when dirty ones are regularly exchanged for fresh, remove disintegrating substances from the dangerous proximity of the blood-swollen mucous membrane. - After the beginning of the menopause, these organs are almost more susceptible to diseases than before and therefore in this phase of life the care of this region must not be neglected.

Vagol Women's Douching Water. Instead of insufficient rinsing with tepid water or even with corrosive fluids, Vagol Essence is the mildest antiseptic and cleaning solution. Putting one tablespoon of it in one-half liter of water is enough for a good disinfection and it removes all bad odors. . . .Big bottle, 2.5 marks, little bottle, 1.5 marks

Vagol tablets contain the effective material of Vagol Essence for women's hygiene in concentrated form for convenient use while traveling, etc. . . . One roll, 1.5 marks

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