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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health

Tampona menstrual tampon ads
and Kotex Maxi pads showing
Fake laughter and
White clothes
Germany & U.S.A., 1980s

Laughing, smiling and wearing white while menstruating don't necessarily go together, which is why menstrual products companies like them.

Below, laughs are last, smiles and white are first.

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Below: When all eyes are on her crotch, a woman's expression is important.
If she were looking at you the tone of the ad would change
. And she's calm.
The first text says "Tampona. The good feeling of being completely safe."
(Bella magazine, Germany, date unknown but probably the 1980s)

Look at the ad to the right!

He smirks, she's mortified and can't wait to get her check and hide. Kotex made a mistake in this March, 1992 ad, below (larger version).
Sure, the text says nothing will show - except, well, you know!
This is not the "good feeling" of the ad at left.

Left: You didn't notice the splotch?
That's because there isn't one.
The company avoided the problem of facial expression.

(January, 1982, Freundin [girlfriend] magazine)
Just for laughs: Left: Are the ladies laughing at
the text: "Tampona. Because we know what we want."?

Or because she's about to lose her top?

The left-side woman's expression shows the worst
sin of laughing in ads: excessive faking and/or embarrassment
that you're doing this at all.
It's a generalized version of the laugh of the
Kotex woman above and can appear for any product.

(November, 1989, Freundin)

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