Lil-lets ad from the United Kingdom (1988)
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Lil-lets menstrual tampons (South Africa, 1978)

Below: Beginning side of the instructions

Note the Afrikaans on the left and English on the right, multi-language instructions being a common sight in tampon boxes, especially in Europe.
The instructions use blue for most of the writing, red for the flowers and both for the drawings, with the tampon white. Except for the sample drawing somewhat down the page, I made the instructions black and white to save you down-load time.




This is a true-color version of the illustration, above, and proves that red sometimes, rarely, appears as part of menstrual-products packaging; but I dare you to show me red "fluid" rather than blue in the demonstrations about how absorbent tampons and pads are! (Read an early American discussion - 1927 - of color in menstrual-products packaging.) "Fluid" is another euphemism; what it stands for is menstrual discharge, of course, something they don't want to say out loud - just as feces are unmentionable in a toilet-paper ad. Maybe they're right.
Below: The second, concluding side of the instructions 



Suster or Sister Leslie, in the last paragraph, stands in a long line of advisors to consumers about menstrual products. Here "Sister" I believe means nurse, as it does in German ("Schwester" or "Krankenschwester"), thus strengthening the medical connection and giving confidence to the woman with questions. See another famous sister and advisor to women.
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