See the early birth control pill Enovid-e,
contraceptive sponges, and Little Doozee, a contraceptive douche.
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Testamp fertility test tampon and
Menstro-Rhythm guide

"approved rhythm methods,"
M-R Guide Co., Box 457, Detroit 31, Michigan, U.S.A.

What a disappointment!

What I thought I acquired was a menstrual tampon I'd never heard of turned out to be a way to avoid pregnancy by the famous rhythm method - birth control. But there's room for every kind in the museum.

So, what IS a tampon, anyway?

Look at some medical tampons, those usually used to insert medicine into body cavities :

See a stock certificate (1916) for a company that probably made medical tampons used in World War I. Read ads for Pond medical tampons, 1910. See also a dinner menu with tampons (!) and medical tampons mentioned in newspapers.

But see a list of the kind of tampons you're familiar with, for menstruation.

By the way, I found neither Metro-Rhythm nor Testamp registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Finally, a well-known adviser to the Tampax company wrote in 1945, " The tampon used to pay the [gynecologist's] office rent." He probably meant the medical tampon since menstrual 'pons played only a small part in the female world before 1945.

See the early birth control pill Enovid-e,  contraceptive sponges, and Little Doozee, a contraceptive douche.

Below: The plastic container holding the Testamp(on) and instructions (here) measures from blue design end to end 6 1/4" (15.8 cm).
Below: Back of the plastic casket-like container, which is 1/2" (1.3 cm) deep.
Below: Pulling (arrow) on the plastic cover reveals the paper guide (instructions) and tip of the Testamp.
Below: Take out the instructions and Testamp and you see the top
(plastic) resting on the bottom.
The second object is of course the sliding top .

Due to different light sources the colors of the Testam set vary. That's my fault.
Below: Two views of the plastic Testamp tampon, which stretches 5 3/4" (14.5 cm).

Due to different light sources the colors of the Testam vary.
Below: Enlargement of the right end underside.
Below: An enlargement of the test end shows the test paper, discolored by 50+ years but, loyal to the end, ready for action.
There's a lesson in this for us all.
Below: Push the covering on the underside to the right (green arrows) and the user could load a piece of test paper (red arrows).
NEXT: The instructions (Menstro-Rhythm guide)
See the early birth control pill Enovid-e,
contraceptive sponges, and Little Doozee, a contraceptive douche.

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