Pictures of this cup and others.
Tentative history of this cup.
Older comments from users of menstrual cups.
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Tassette rubber menstrual cup (catamenial receptor) prospectus,
instructions, promotional leaflets for women, doctors & medical
community (1950s-1960s, U.S.A.) (tentative history of this cup,
pictures & sketchy history of American menstrual cups)


(undated folder, probably 1950s)

Introduction to this printed material.
Menstrual cups on this site.

The illustrations below and variations thereof appear in other Tassette literature, for example here.

Read part of Leona Chalmers's book, mentioned below, "The Intimate Side of a Woman's Life."

I thank the former Tambrands, maker of Tampax tampons, for contributing this folder.
Below and right: The back page (left) and front page of the 4-page folder,
  a piece of heavy paper folded in half and printed on both sides. When stretched out as shown it measures 7 7/8 x 6 13/16" (20 x 17.4 cm).

Mrs. R.G.'s comment reflects typical comments about the advantages
of early tampons.

Read part of Leona Chalmers's book, mentioned below, "The Intimate Side of a Woman's Life."

The yellow parallelogram in the upper left is probably the residue of tape once there.
Below: That's an awfully zippy-looking bag to be discreet. They might as well have written on it, "Hey, ask me what's inside!"

Below: The two inside pages.

End of Tassette material | undated ad: "3 out of 4 nurses use Tassette" - newspaper article, 20 March 1961: "New Menstrual Aid Offered on National basis" -
undated leaflet: "'Tassette' menstrual cup for internal sanitary protection" - undated leaflet: "a fresh point of view" (#1) -
Tassette stock prospectus, 1961 - "Tassette: the safe and sanitary menstrual cup" - "a fresh point of view" (#2) -
"A Note to the Budget Minded" - "Tassette Menstrual Cup: The ultimate in Sanitary Protection" - the third "a fresh point of view"
Pictures of this cup and others. Tentative history of this cup. Older comments from users of menstrual cups.

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