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Is this the first Tampax menstrual tampon? (U.S.A., about 1931-33)



Writing "menstrual flow" and "vaginal canal" is blunt for the time and might betray the inventor's profession, medical doctor (of osteopathy). But he soon retreats to delicacy with the word "parts."
Just as with fax tampon the writer claims that women can leave the tampon in the vagina for many hours more than is recommended today. I wonder if any women developed toxic shock from this early Tampax.
It's funny that he thinks nature intended menses to be absorbed in the vagina. It seems obvious after thousands of years that nature "intended" it to leave the vagina. But that wouldn't sell tampons.
The first and last lines fit into the great tradition of American advertising, especially this era before the government restricted outrageous ad copy.
The instructions lack the usual drawings of a woman inserting the tampon.
Telling the user to flush it and the tubes down the toilet undoubtedly led to the problems described here with disposable pads in the 1920s.
Look how the typeface for Tampax wildly differs from that on the outside of the box. In his trademark application Haas requested only the spelling to be registered, not the style. Later the typeface was standardized.
The photo, above, looks almost identical to the patent drawing for the first Tampax, below. When this box appeared the patent had not yet been approved. But the hand in the patent looks male to me (short finger nails, male-like sleeve) whereas the hand above lacks a sleeve and might have longer finger nails. The writing is black on white (now brownish) paper. (See the page from which the drawing came.)


END OF ARTICLE - Tampax 1931-33 main page - the wrapped tampons - the tampon disassembled
Tampax 1931-33 main page - the wrapped tampons - the tampon disassembled - Other early commercial tampons -
Main Tampax patent - Ad from 1936 - World War II Tampax sign

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