Dutch Tampax ad from 1938 - A German o.b. ad (early 1950s) - An Amira tampon ad from about 1950, Germany
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"To be opened only by women"
Tampax brochure, Germany, probably early 1950s

The American company that made the Tampax tampon had put ads in European publications before World War II (see a Dutch ad from 1938) but apparently gave up as the war approached. They resumed after the fighting was over. The brochure below probably appeared in the early 1950s after both o.b. and Amira tampons - and maybe others? - appeared in Germany.

Whether just a marketing device or an attempt to keep non-women eyes off the pages, a seal closed each brochure! Stamped on the seal was "Nur von Frauen zu öffnen" - "To be opened only by women"! For years Camelia pads, an early German disposable, posted signs in stores that instructed women to ask a female sales clerk for its product and even put slips of paper in each box that a woman could give the clerk to spare embarrassing words.  An American ad also wanted no male eyes looking at it.

Don't laugh! Look at the similar way the American Modess in the 1920s allowed women to buy pads at the store with a Silent Purchase slip.

By the way, the green woman looks like the Austrian-German actress Romy Schneider, but she would have been just a young teenager at the time.

Dutch Tampax ad from 1938 - A roughly contemporary German o.b. ad (early 1950s) - German Amira brochure, early 1950s
A Dutchman generously sent these scans.


At far left:
The paper projecting from the side of the page is part of the seal closing the leaflet. See the interesting other side, below.

My (Harry Finley's) translation:

 [Above, two left-hand pages]
"The complete TAMPAX consists of a tampon of compressed medical-grade cotton 4.45 cm long, which rests in a telescoping tube (two tubes easily sliding into each other) - the so-called applicator, which is sterile. The TAMPAX applicator was the first to allow the correct insertion of the tampon into the vagina without one's directly touching the tampon itself. The applicator serves only to insert the tampon in a simple and hygienic way and is destroyed after use.
Any odor is prevented by the strong capillary effect (absorption ability) of the long-fiber cotton plug that the tampon is made of, which internally absorbs the discharge. A string that repels moisture is securely bound to the tampon and allows easy removal and offers protection against the ripping of the tampon. (It's not necessary to remove TAMPAX before urination and a bowel movement. The impregnated string doesn't absorb moisture.) The TAMPAX tampon, even though so small, absorbs as much as a regular pad and needs to be changed just as often. Towards the end of the period the tampon can be worn up to 12 hours but never longer. Each pack has adequate instructions about the exact way to use TAMPAX. When you use TAMPAX for the first time you must read and follow the instructions so that its advantages and ease will be completely effected for you.
What does the doctor say about Tampax?
Tampax tampons reduce the mental tension and physical unpleasantness that often accompany menstruation."
"The TAMPAX tampon expands to completely fill the vagina but doesn't cause pressure or rubbing and guarantees complete absorption during normal menstruation. TAMPAX doesn't block menstruation, it absorbs it."
"TAMPAX tampon has proved itself in the treatment of women's diseases and has been successfully used by doctors and other medical personnel in postpartum time."
"TAMPAX tampons are manufactured under strict medical supervision according to a process that has been used for fifteen years."
The German TAMPAX Corporation recommends in its brochures and instructions that all unmarried women and girls seek the advice of a doctor before using.
[right-hand side]
The world brand Tampax
Perfection of Women's Hygiene
The original Tampax tampon with applicator


At left, red seal:
"Nur von Frauen zu öffnen": "To be opened only by women"

The internal TAMPAX hygiene
means a fundamental change of women's hygiene that removes all the previous bothersome and embarrassing accompanying effects. TAMPAX gives every women the possibility of experiencing menstruation as a normal and healthy bodily function during which they can move and feel unhindered.
Fifteen years ago
in America a gynecologist [actually an osteopath general practitioner developed it - read a short history here] developed TAMPAX based on the medical tampon. TAMPAX is based on the internal absorption of the menstrual discharge. Clinical tests and medical experiments have confirmed all the advantages of tampons and shown that the use of TAMPAX is completely harmless to the body. This scientific basis is with all the other advantages the cause of the great success that TAMPAX has had everywhere.
Millions of women
all over the world have gone exclusively to internal tampons after having been convinced of the complete safety and simple use of the insertion method. They would never want to do without the considerable advantages and ease of TAMPAX.
The German TAMPAX Corporation
which takes advantage of 15 years of experience and knowledge in this field, now brings TAMPAX out in Germany. We didn't start until we could offer the same guarantee of the original TAMPAX because the field of women's medicine presumes conscientiousness and must never be a matter of careless experimentation.
The original TAMPAX pack
contains tampons for an average month's use that is easily carried in any handbag. Besides that, each tampon is hygienically enclosed in a sealed paper wrapping so that you can also carry single tampons in an evening bag.
Every well-groomed woman
will be extremely thankful for this success of medical experimentation and modern hygiene that Tampax stands for. It's important for you to know that all external and visible protection and attachment encumbrances disappear forever through the internal use of Tampax.
The first time you try TAMPAX you will see how TAMPAX will make many daily things easy for you.
The first time you use TAMPAX will clearly show you how TAMPAX will make many situations in your everyday life considerably easier. Especially the following: your daily bath that you now can take unencumbered and that in these days is especially refreshing and which will increase your well being. Now you can wear many kinds of clothing unhindered that you previously had to be careful with. Now you can feel safe wearing bathing suits to evening clothes thanks to TAMPAX. The unaccustomed well-being you feel makes it possible to pursue your housework or job with your usual intensity. You can accept any invitation, don't have to miss any dance, and can play any sports. You don't have to interrupt your usual life. This assures you all that: TAMPAX, perfection of women's hygiene.
[on the red seal] To be opened only by women

Dutch Tampax ad from 1938 - A roughly contemporary German o.b. ad (early 1950s) - An Amira tampon ad from about 1950, Germany

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