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Sea Pearls menstrual sponge (2007), U.S.A.)
(company Web site)
Selections from the company literature

Sea Pearls sponge and some literature from 2000.

This Web site and museum do not endorse this product, nor do they profit in any way from it (except for the gift of the sponge and literature). It's simply information for site visitors and part of history.

Cleaning sponges

Museum board member and menstrual safety expert Dr. Philip Tierno, Jr. wrote me in October 1999 about cleaning sponges:

Dear Harry,

Yes, indeed, soap and water will not effectively clean the sea sponge. The odor emanating from the used and washed sponges represent the action of surviving vaginal bacteria and their degradation of menstrual debris that survives the wash. The only effective way to sanitize those sponges is by boiling for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will kill ALL bacteria there.

Interestingly, looking back in history, women used to boil their menstrual "rags" to get them clean. This is an analogous circumstance.

Best regards,


Sea Pearls Web site

See older commercial menstrual sponges in this museum.

NEXT: The contemporary Gynotex (from the Netherlands) menstrual sponge
The later Sea Pearls (2007) (from the U.S.A.) menstrual sponge
The contemporary Gynotex (from the Netherlands) menstrual sponge
American sponge can with sponge.
Red can
with sponge. Black can and sponge.
Beautiful (Australian?) sponge can
with sponge lacking a net.
Anna Health Sponge
(U.S.A., 1940s?)
The contemporary Sea Pearls (from the U.S.A.) menstrual sponge
sponge page

Read the main Hartmann early disposable pad page and see similar early U.K. towels (menstrual pads) by Mosana.
Washable pads - Menstrual sponge - Swedish advertisement for a belt and pad and adhesive pad
Suspenders for holding pads (U.S.A., 19th century)

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