Mimosept mini (Denmark) ad, 1970s? - Germany, Mimosept Komfort, 1970s - Denmark, Mimosept Mini, 1972
Stayfree pads: German, 1976, 1977, diagrams showing blood flow & panties
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Evax menstrual pads
Magazine ad, Chile, 1972

history, sanitary napkin, pad, women, menstruation, cycle, period

Using Google translator - I don't read Spanish - the text made me laugh too much to put its results below. But I did put the hard-to-read Spanish text of the ad below.

It seems to emphasize common points in many menstrual products ads: low cost, no leaking, comfort - you can ride a bicycle while wearing one just as women can play sports with Tampax (or other) tampons.

As a matter of fact, I think Tampax might have somehow been associated with the company but I'm not sure how.

The name Evax probably comes from "Eva" - the original woman according to one source - with the "x" possibly coming from Tampax.

But the name reminds this American of "evacuation" in an alimentary sense, if you get my drift. I don't think the name would work in the U.S.A.

Note the flowers that surround the packages at bottom right. Flowers have been associated with menstruation (just one example) and its products for a long time, even the word itself. Not only are they assumed to be somehow connected with women, manufacturers seem to faintly suggest they counteract the odor of menstruation.

The donor of the scan wrote that the ad comes from 1972, which places it in the transition from belts holding pads to adhesive pads. As far as I can read, the text doesn't say, but I suspect it's the older pad held with a belt since roughly contemporary ads trumpet the new stick-in-panties feature.

I thank the donor in Chile, who scanned the ad! She also dated the ad.
Below: I've transcribed the text under the ad.
Below: The donated scanned text is hard to read so I've included it below (as best I could) with a prettified Google translation for the first line. I got the gist of the rest but the Google translation turned out so silly that I'll leave it to you Spanish-readers to translate.
Gist: Evax doesn't leak, it's got a discreet deodorant, the V shape is great for shorts and pants, it's cheap, and if you think it's like other pads, oh, boy, you're wrong. I added the "oh, boy" for effect. I'd make a good ad man, huh?

Con evax, todos los dias te iran sobre ruedas.

With Evax, every day you will go smoothly [on wheels].

No te prives de mada, mujer.

Para que le vas a preocupar si Evax es impermeable?

Para que le vas a preocupar si Evax lleva un discreto pero poderoso desodorante?

Para que le vas a preocupar si el nuevo Evax-Superadatable esta cortado en "V" de modo que es discreto. incluso si te pones tus shorts o pantalones ajustados?

Para que le vas a preocupar si el paquete de 10 Evax cuesta solo 29. pesetas y el de Evax-Superadaptable solo 33. o sea. merios que los sistemas anticuados que tenias que cortar y preparar tu misma y cambiarte mas a menudo?

Si piensas que todos los sistemas de proyeccion higienica que venden son iguales, esta perdida. Te estas perdiendo mucho, sin Evax.

End | Mimosept mini (Denmark) ad, 1970s? - Germany, Mimosept Komfort, 1970s - Denmark, Mimosept Mini, 1972
Stayfree pads: German, 1976, 1977, diagrams showing blood flow & panties

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