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Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound:
Handwritten letter to a sick woman, Typed letter to a Canadian (1918), Ad from the Salt Lake Weekly Herald (1881) for Mrs. Pinkham, trade cards (flowers, girl with cat), post card of Stanford University, a bottle for Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, mending kit, booklet Stretching Your Dollar, bottles for her Blood Medicine and (just plain) Medicine, Home Talks, Private Text-Book Upon Ailments Peculiar to Women, Fruits and Candies booklet, and a modern bottle, box and instructions for her Tablets.
A discussion of the letter testimonials, and their authenticity, of the Pinkham company (in a discussion of a Pursettes ad with a letter testimonial)
See two letters to MUM about the ingredients of her Compound, and one about the lyrics of an English pop song, Lily the Pink, about her.
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Kidney-Wort medicine in
"Cousin John's Extravagant Wife"
Ad addressed to women

Ladies get two pages in the booklet, their "special weaknesses" being amenable to Kidney-Wort. Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound also promised much for women (read excerpts from her Private Text-Book Upon Ailments Peculiar to Women) - it's still sold today (see a bottle.)

"Wort" means a herbaceous plant and often combines with another word.

(H)ttp://www.health-topic.com/Dictionary discusses its ancient uses:

The juice or distilled water when drunk is good to cool inflammations and unnatural heats, a hot stomach, a hot liver, or the bowels. The herb, juice or distilled water applied outwardly, heals pimples, St Anthony's fire and other outward heats. It provokes the urine, is available for dropsy and helps to break the stone. Being used in the bath or made into an ointment, it cools the painful piles or haemorrhoidal veins. It gives ease to hot gout, and sciatica and inflammations and swellings in the testicles. It helps the kernels or knots in the throat, called the king's-evil. The juice heals kibes ["an ulcerated chilblain especially on the heal," according to a Merriam-Webster dictionary] and chilblains ["an inflammatory swelling or sore caused by exposure (as of the feet or hands) to cold" - Merriam-Webster] if bathed with it, or anointed with ointment made from it. It is also used to stay the blood of fresh wounds and to heal them quickly.

Modern uses. A cooling diuretic not in popular use since the last century when it had a reputation as a remedy for epilepsy. The leaves can be used to make a poultice to apply to painful haemorrhoids, or made into an ointment by digesting them in hot wax and straining. A homeopathic medicine is made from Cotyledon umbilicus.

Read similar testimonials for Cardui.


 Odd: although the book gives American testimonials and says elsewhere that it was invented in Vermont, the manufacturer is in London and the prices are in English currency. Was this a booklet for English readers?


Covers - First inside page - "Particularly for Ladies" - advertisement for Kidney-Wort

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