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Nettina menstrual pad ad, 20 Ans magazine, France, 1980s?

Conceal menstruation? Well, how come?

That's what many people have asked me. I don't have a convincing answer other than it DOES appear where two other of the body's discarded waste emerge.

AND there are instances in Western society when menstrual discharge has NOT been concealed: 19th-century England and Central Europe. My guess is that there are far more examples of this than these, especially in the far past.

Some women visitors to the museum in my house told me either they or people they knew didn't use anything besides their underpants to absorb menstrual flow.

But records never get written, especially about women, and records are destroyed or lost.

And embarrassed people today don't want to know about it.

Much of advertising for menstrual products emphasizes concealment. I show some of these ads on the following pages.

Below: Translation of headline: Nettina. The adhesive pad for jeans that you put on with a shoehorn.
Following text: There are days when certain girls think they can't wear jeans.
However, those who know Nettina think that's a silly idea!
Nettina is a very absorbent pad and not cumbersome at all.
That's why you don't see it even under very tight jeans.
And Nettina is adhesive. When it's put in, it stays put!
Adhesive Nettina. Pared to the essentials!
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