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First cup? Tassette, Tassaway, The Keeper, Daintette, Foldene
Leona Chalmer's 1937 book with a drawing of a cup.
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Do cups cause endometriosis? Not enough evidence, says the FDA.
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A History of the Menstrual Cup (continued)
Start the series

"Tassette, Inc.,"
by Anthony Ludovici
Article in The O-T-C MARKET

(Robert P. Oreck and the Second Attempt to Sell The Cup:
Tassette [see a 1961 stock prospectus with links to instructions and
promotional material
, 1956(?)-1960s, & historical introduction])

Read about this cup.
The article gives an overview of the good and bad of a menstrual cup,
a topic alive today.

I thank the former Tambrands, maker of Tampax tampons (now part part
of Procter & Gamble), for donating this issue of the O-T-C Market Edition!
Below: An overview of p. 2. Enlargements below.
Below: Top of the page. Someone at the Tampax company wrote, "[I] Know you are interested in
competition. [someone's initals, which might be the same as on a stock prospectus, 1961]"

Below: The start of the article, p. 2.

Below: The pertinent (not impertinent!) right side of the page.
The article continues (p. 4)

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First cup? Tassaway, The Keeper, Daintette, Foldene

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