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Woman's Physical Freedom,
book by Clelia Duel Mosher, M.D. (The Womans Press,
New York City, U.S.A., 1923, 87 pages)

Japanese trade unions put menstrual leave into their contracts after World War II because of the shortage of material for sanitary napkins. Apparently some Japanese businesses still allow menstrual leave today. (A Japanese student at a Midwestern university sent me her paper on the subject when the physical museum was in my house. She told me she had to send for menstrual pads from Japan because the American ones were too big for her!) I would like to know which American state is meant below.

It's amazing how long it has taken to mostly understand the menstrual cycle; Dr. Mosher takes a shot at it, below.
Read a short discussion of the book.
SarahAnne Hazlewood generously donated this book to the museum.
Law giving women menstrual leave 

Menstruation as sickness


Taking time off while menstruating is fun



Why do women menstruate?




cover - chart comparing menstrual pain with fashion changes, height, etc. -
Are women as good as men? - movies are dangerous, but they will get better (!); brassieres & breast care

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