Marjorie May booklets for girls:
Complete booklet, 1935, Canada
Cover, mid-1930s, U.S.A.
Complete booklet, 1938, U.S.A.
Health Facts on Menstruation, by Lloyd Arnold, M.D. (here, 1933, Kotex, U.S.A.)
Later Kotex Wonderform belts here
A slightly late Kotex booklet for girls:
As One Girl to Another (complete booklet, 1940, Kotex, U.S.A.)
More 1930s Kotex stuff:
1932, Phantom Kotex - leaflet ad for Wondersoft pads, belt, Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday, 1933 - 1933, Phantom Kotex - box and pads, 1930s? - wrapped Kotex pad for West Disinfecting Company dispenser (mid 1930s) - Two ads on a sewing pattern for women's sports trousers, 1930s - "Cooperation," publication for Kimberly-Clark employees, 1931-34, jokes, sports, gossip, etc.
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Cartoon ad
Kotex, 1935, (U.S.A.)

The ad promotes what Kotex and other companies promote and promoted for decades: comfort and absorption. Pads of the era were not the thin things women wear today; they were often enormous.

Faces in ads also differed: there's no hint of blacks or Latinos or fat or ugly people. Menstrual product advertising would show middle-to-upper class white women for the next several decades, often with a certain face. Blacks are servants. But this was typical throughout American publications.

I thank the contributor of this and many other items!

Below: Amazing, isn't it, that the identical scene with the same kids in the same clothes
repeats in the third panel even though the woman sends "Sis" a present of Kotex,
a process that had to take hours or days? And "Sis" had to put it on. These WERE fast times
or at least had fast women.
They dressed so well then.
Read the booklets discussed at the end of the text: here (Health Facts on Menstruation)
and a Marjorie May booklet probably similar to this contemporary Canadian version.
Below: Seems unlikely! Women told me when the museum was open in my house that they hardly ever discussed
periods or their gear with one another. But maybe an earlier era was different.
See Kotex belts here.
Below: I Googled in vain for the illustrator - signature below, which looks like Cy Klunok or Klunak.
I suspect he illustrated for many companies.

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Marjorie May booklets for girls: Complete booklet, 1935, Canada - Health Facts on Menstruation, 1933
Wrapped Kotex pad for West Disinfecting Company dispenser (mid 1930s)
"Cooperation," publication for Kimberly-Clark employees, 1931-34, jokes, sports, gossip, etc.
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