More Kotex booklets for girls:

Are you in the know? Great BOOKLET collection of the etiquette ads Kotex ran for decades (U.S.A., Kotex napkins and belts, 1956)

Becoming Aware Educational Kit (Complete kit, Kotex, 1992?) Contains booklets for girls and their mothers & sample pads and tampons. Donation from kind site visitor!

Marjorie May's Twelfth Birthday (almost complete booklet, 1928, Kotex, Australia)(complete booklet, 1935, Canada)(cover, mid-1930s, U.S.A.)(complete booklet, 1938, U.S.A). Photo of Mary Pauline Callender, author of the Marjorie May stories. Biographical information for Mrs. Callender.

Marjorie May Learns About Life (complete booklet, 1936, Kotex, Canada)
Photo of Mary Pauline Collender, author of the Marjorie May stories (biographical information)

Many more booklets from Kotex and other companies around the world

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Ad for the Kotex booklet for girls
As One Girl To Another

Box insert?, early 1940s, U.S.A.

Kotex pioneered popular booklets teaching girls the ropes of growing up, especially the rope of menstruation, with its stuffy Marjorie May series. But its lessons loosened up with As One Girl To Another (read it), as the speech in this ad might indicate.

"Swell," and "Ixnay," pig Latin for nix ("no," emphasized by the ending "nay," meaning no; pig Latin tacks "ay" onto its words after shifting the initial consonant to the end. Um, huh?), and the hairdos and clothes date the girls to the 1940s. The words "new booklet" nail it down since Kotex published it in 1940.

I quibble: the booklet they're discussing features two girls on the cover - after all, this is one girl to another (girl). But the ad shows one, two, three girls. 

And, tell me, would girls be cheerfully discussing menstruation while eating a sundae and drinking two something-elses at what is probably a drug store lunch counter? Ixnay!

I thank the donor of the ad!

Below: The beat-up piece of paper measures 6 x 7.5" (15.1 x 19 cm). Women and girls might
have found it in a box of something they were buying - Kotex? - because of its exact
dimensions and lack of the edge irregularity scissors and tearing might have produced.
The folds you see divide the paper precisely, as if an all-knowing company planned them,
unlike the crummy way collectors would fold it.
And on the other side they saw an ad for Quest, a powder women sprinkled on their menstrual pads,
exactly filling the same space.
And the same artist, Irving Nurick, drew both. His signature decorates the other side; compare the drawing styles.
AND, ... well, that should convince you it was an insert. It doesn't?

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