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A Note from Germany 3 (1998)
Petra Habiger (1998)

This is another ad for a menstrual-pain killer. It's from a 1993 woman's magazine.

When you read the ad of 1971 ("News from Germany and Europe 2") you may think that a woman should take pain killers only to keep people around her from suffering from her menstrual "disorder." Times change. You can see the big difference between the two ads: Nowadays women take pain killers to be as able-bodied and feel as comfortable as on all other days of the month.

This ad aims furthermore at emphasizing the easy digestibility of the tablets.




Treat yourself gently.

Mother and daughter. Different generations - different standards. But in one thing they agree: They take a pain killer only when it is unavoidable. By preference one with only one active ingredient, of which only a small amount helps quickly and for a long time. Aktren fights headache, toothache, menstrual pain and fever using Ibuprofen. Aktren treats you gently.

(There follows a list of other applications and possible secondary effects; this is not necessary to translate.)

Aktren advises low dosage, following the motto: Less is more!.

Although easy digestibility of the pills is very important and some pills have few side effects, taking tablets is by far not the only possibility for eliminating menstrual pain. There are many more! If you have experience with other methods I'd like to hear them!

If you have any questions bout alternative pain-killers or menstrual hygiene and menstruation in general, I am at your service to answer your e-mail.

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