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Call Your Congressman About the Proposed Tampon Safety and Research Act! Here's How and Why.

Letters to Your MUM

I appreciate this mail and award from a fellow cartoonist in England!:


My name is Debbie, and I've e-mailed you before to tell you how much I liked the Museum of Menstruation.

I've decided to make an award for my favourite sites, and you've got one.

I don't want anything for it. I just want you to know how much I like your site.

I've attached the award to this e-mail.



And a note from Barbara's Place: A Feminist Atmoshere:

So glad to have found your site and so glad that you(all) knew the importance of speaking about our blood.

I speak to this issue in Site Notes at Barbara's Place - Novel Cryptograms. Have a look, I think you will be interested.

Barbara Noble

A reader comments [and click back on old News pages; I haven't consolidated the most recent comments yet] on menstrual cups:

Just found your site today. Am enjoying it.

Was reading some info on The Keeper and Instead. Started using Instead a few months ago because of problems with tampons not staying in and a lot of leakage from them. One of the letters I read on your site said that the company for Instead was going out of business. Is this true? I hope not. [Akcess just bought the company; I hope it will continue to sell the cup, which some women like.]

I do have some leakage, but it is minimal compared to the tampons and only leaks when I use the restroom. As to messiness during and removal, I use hand wipes (moist towelettes). You can get them in a portable purse-sized packets or even individually wrapped.

Are menstrual cups dangerous?

I use The Keeper and am very happy with it. I was a bit concerned when I saw a letter at your site that claimed that cups were unsafe. Did this person cite any literature to support her claims?

I have not seen any studies or heard any stories linking cups with toxic shock, for example. As far as I know, there is a theoretical danger because of the porous nature of rubber, which is what The Keeper is made of. A reader many weeks ago said she had read articles about the dangers of menstrual cups, but she never replied when I asked to see them.

See last week's News for a method to clean The Keeper.

In response to some incorrect information about religion I placed on this site, I received the following mail from someone much more knowledgeable than I am about Islamic practices who wrote an interesting letter last week:

Hi again.

Thanks for placing my e-mail in your Web site. I really think people need to know the correct information, especially since most people actually know close to nothing about Islam. [This includes me, and knowing more is even more important today because of recent world events.]

I'd just like to inform you that I read the part about Eve's punishment in redspot: taboo,, which was linked to your page, not in the Zoroastrianism article.

However, I went to that site once today yesterday and found that there has been a little change. It does not say anything about Torah anymore. Instead of Torah, Bible and Koran, now it says:

Both the Old Testament of the Bible and the Koran consider menstruation part of Eve's punishment.

I still wonder where these people read this in the Qur'an [Koran] . . . .

The Zoroastrianism article actually mentions nothing about Islam.

It does say something about the Arabs. I wonder whether you confused Arabs and Islam. [Gulp!] An Arab can be a Muslim, a Christian, or a Judaism follower, an atheist, or other. If you ask any American Muslim, I bet they do not put women in a separate hut or place during menstruation, because it is not an Islamic tradition. There is no taboo during menstruation in terms of relationship with other people. The only prohibition is have a sexual relationship that has to do with penetration of the vagina.



Kathleen O'Grady, who supplied this site with the bibliography of religion and menstruation, wrote to remind me that there are sections there on Islam and Zoroastrianism, as well as other religions.

A teacher supports your MUM:

MUM's the word, as they used to say! [I still do!]

As someone long in awe and proud of my monthly cycle, I enjoyed reading many of the features on your site! I find them informative and affirming.

This site could actually be used as an educational tool. [I hope somehow it is.] I don't have an appropriate use for it now - I primarily teach English and writing. However, if menstruation comes up in a literature or women's studies class, I will be glad to refer my students to your site!

A German suggests some music, commercial and non-commercial, non-menstrual probably - there IS menstrual music, by the way - but what the heck. Oh, OK, he offered me a link, which I'm a sucker for:


this is ATOMIC-SILENCE, a German-based techno-underground music record label.

Please have a look at our Web site:


Here you can listen to each and every track using real-audio (streaming audio software).

Hope you'll enjoy our music.

Reminder: The Museum Closes Until 7 November, But This Site Marches On

Read more about this.

Do You Have Irregular Menses?

If so, you may have polycystic ovary syndrome.

Jane Newman, Clinical Research Coordinator at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard University School of Medicine, asked me to tell you that

Irregular menses identify women at high risk for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which exists in 6-10% of women of reproductive age. PCOS is a major cause of infertility and is linked to diabetes.

Learn more about current research on PCOS at Brigham and Women's Hospital, the University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania State University - or contact Jane Newman..

If you have fewer than six periods a year, you may be eligible to participate in the study!

See more medical and scientific information about menstruation.

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