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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
menstruation, advertisement, sanitary napkin

Modess menstrual pad ads, 1970-71, U.S.A.
What's Modess made of?

If the girl hears the facts in the first two paragraphs from her mother she's a lucky kid.

When the museum was a real one in my house, more than one woman and students from the University of Maryland told me that their mothers told them nothing before their first menstruation (menarche) and very little afterwards.

But one Maryland student told a group of us that when she was sitting on her bed trying to figure out how to get the furshlugginer tampon in the first time, her mother appeared and said, "Lie back and I'll show you." She said it was the closest emotionally she had ever been to her.

I'm not going into the symbolism of the cat on the girl's lap, no siree.

I thank the donor!

Three ads discussing what Modess is made of. (And the baby ad.)

August, 1970 March, 1970 May, 1971 BELOW

Below: Over 20 cats have owned me and THIS cat isn't real. But then
the ad doesn't say it is
. But the head is realistically - DEAD.
Um, so, what were we talking about? Right, menstrual pads.

Lessee. The cat took off his tennis shoes. Good, since they
were dirty. But shouldn't there be FOUR??
What a mysterious ad.

From Woman's Day.

Modess, tampons - German ads for teens - more ads for teens

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