Tampons and Crime Thrived in the 1930s in Chicago

I'm not saying there was necessarily any connection, but many early tampons did originate on that shore of Lake Michigan at the beginning of the Depression.

Even before Tampax started selling tampons with applicators in 1936, companies in Chicago were making Nunap, Moderne Women and fax, none of which had tube delivery systems, and all of which had suspicious ties to one another.

Their products either bore the same street address, used the same ad copy, or showed the same illustration. Or combinations of all three. Were the makers the same person(s), friends of one another, or did they steal each others' products? Few things seem to have been patented or copyrighted. There are no dates on the instructions or boxes.

Spend 30 minutes of your time reading these documents and my clever dissection of what I call . . . Tampon Turmoil!

After you book your flight to Chicago to find out for yourself, and file a report to your MUM, possibly winning two fat prizes of $249.99 each - think of it! - please read "The Dickinson Report," an influential article that Consumer Report published in 1945, encouraging women to use tampons, not pads. It's a great cultural vignette of the America of 50 years ago, and much of the reasoning is valid today. The Tambrands Corporation donated the report and the urtampons mentioned above to your MUM - a fantastic gift, part of a much larger one.

Oh, also look at a series of covers of the menstrual education booklets published by Personal Products, Growing Up and Liking It, also donated by Tambrands. You might wax nostalgic or nauseous, depending on your world view. And read Lynn Peril's articles about these and similar booklets.

And, oh, of course, read about the sad case of Prof. Mack C. Padd, the Distinguished Institutional Wallace C. Meyer Memorial Pouncer at the Museum of Menstruation, and the national problem of tenure!

So enjoy this issue, er, edition, er, whatever, of your MUM!

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