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The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
menstruation, advertisement, sanitary napkin

Lamp with Kotex advertising campaign on shade
"Not a shadow of a doubt"
U.S.A., 1940s-1960s

Here's that finishing touch to anyone's décor!

So, where would you put this lamp? Living room? Entrance hallway? Boudoir? Mancave?

No, no, in a drugstore! That's probably where Kimberly-Clark, which made and makes Kotex, intended it.

As the owner of the lamp writes, "[Not a] shadow of a doubt" on the shade identifies it as part of a campaign Kotex held in the 1940s-1950s. She e-mails,
"I love this little advertising display lamp I found at a vintage store in Cleveland, Ohio. When the bulb heats up the lamp shade spins. The black coloring around the name Kotex has little punched out stars so the light glows through the shade as it slowly spins. We've only dared to plug it in once since it looks like someone repaired the top with questionable glue that might be flammable.

"From the slogan, "Not a shadow of a doubt," it might possibly be from the late '40s into the mid-50s.

"People always flip out (in a good way) when they see the amazing Kotex lamp on display at my house. I'd like to imagine that it once sat inside a mid-century drugstore's window, lit up and spinning away... a beacon in the night letting desperate ladies know where they might purchase their Kotex pads when the drugstore opened in the morning.

"This particular 'shadow of a doubt' ad from 1955 actually features the colors that are on the lamp!

"My Kotex lamp is about 9" tall with a wooden base that is about 4" wide. The shade looks to be about 4" in diameter at its top and about 5" in diameter at its bottom."

I thank the owner of the lamp!

Below: Kotex once even put advertising on boxcars on trains:

But ads on a telephone booth!?
MORE Kotex, tampons

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