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OK, well here are my thoughts after my FIRST 48 hours as a Keeper user.

As some background info, let me tell you that I was SO excited to FINALLY have one! My ex-girlfriend and I were obsessed with The Keeper for a while, but only in theory, 'cuz neither of us were sure if we were REALLY ready to take that $35 plunge. But ... my Keeper came knocking at my door last week!

Well, I've exclusively used non-applicator tampons since my second period,which was almost a decade ago, plus I am not a stranger to the vagina, so I assumed that I would have no problem inserting one. Well, I did and I didn't..... I THOUGHT that I had it in right, but it was leaking all over the place last night, so I can only assume that I had it at a wrong angle, or something. Something that was particularly fun about the insertion process was that you have to kinda fold it up to insert, and the first time that it went POP! inside of me, well, that was kind of a weird feeling!

Another issue that I had was that the "tail" of it was a little long...maybe I have a short vagina, or something.... and it was, like, external, and my legs kept getting tangled up in it as I was walking around...seriously, I could notice it when I sat down in certain positions, and maybe the fact that I was having this issue pushed it into the wrong position and, hence, I was Leak Girl. Finally brain- surgeon me realized that I could trim it to a better length, and I've had a much better time since I did that!

Something else that I didn't expect was all of that suction! Last night, when I was trying to take it out at one point, it was actually a bit painful! Or maybe I'm just a wuss. That was the only time that taking it out actually hurt, but still, I can see that the whole suction thing will take some getting used to!

However, today was a shiny, happy, Keeper day! I woke up to find that I did NOT make myself another pair of period underwear during the night! My Keeper and I had a lovely shower together! And I wore it for 9 hours straight on my heaviest day and, thankfully, my cup had NOT runneth over! The only complaint that I had about the Keeper today is that I wish that it was available in fashion colors ... I'd prefer a bright purple to that dingy brown any day!

Also, today I decided to tell my assistant about the Keeper. Well, let's just say that she was, ummmm, I guess "appalled" would be the right word. For one thing, even the thought of tampons freaked her out.... she's afraid that they're going to get lost... I was like, "HELLO? Where are they going to go?!?!? It's not like they're going to hop on a bus to Vegas!!!"

[Case made]

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