New this week: Russian tampon - box for Form-Fit sanitary apron

Call Your Congressman About the Proposed Tampon Safety and Research Act! Here's How and Why.

Two Weigh in on The Keeper and Instead Menstrual Cups

Happy users recommend cups:

User 1:

I have used The Keeper for three cycles now. I only wish I had discovered it years ago. It takes a bit of practice to insert and remove, but it's really not that messy. I'm thrilled with the thought of a safer, nonpolluting and less expensive menstrual product.

While trying to "spread the word," however, I have been saddened by the ever-prevalent negative attitudes about menstrual blood, finger insertion, emptying and removal of a product of this nature. It is indeed a shame. Now we have another innovative company (Ultrafem) possibly on the skids because of attitudes of this type.

Kudos to you, Mr. Finley, for an informative and entertaining site that I have made a point of visiting weekly. Perhaps with efforts like yours in our midst, these unfortunate attitudes about menstruation and our miraculous human bodies will steadily dissipate.


User 2:

A note on the cup.

I have used the disposable cup (Instead) for about three months and I swear by them. I think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread! They are so comfortable when worn properly that you really have no idea that they are there. When first using them, it can be a little messy, but in a few days you have the knack of it. And to top it all off, after using them for awhile, I find it is much cleaner than using pads or tampons. Since the cup catches all the mess inside of you at the base of the cervix and there is no blood outside of the cup, by placing your index finger around the rim like a hook they are easily taken out with no mess. You also don't have the "outside" mess that pads or tampons can leave against your [pubic] hair.

The first concern I had was, Is it going to get lost up there? No way. [There's nowhere for it to go.] The next concern was, Did I push it back far enough? You will know that it is far enough back because the pink rim will "catch" right behind your [pubic] bone and that is what holds it in place as well. You can go swimming with them and wear them longer than a tampon; they produce no odor, and best of all, you can have sex while wearing them. Believe it or not, neither you nor your partner can tell when you are wearing the cup. Well, that's just my opinion anyway.

Lots of luck on the museum!!

Gray, Not Red?

Two groups contacted me this week about the quality of this site.

The first, which put MUM in with some controversial sites (I guess they are unfortunately right), sent this e-letter:

Congrats! Your site won the Gray Areas On The Net Award. It's a brand new award given out by Gray Areas Magazine to the best sites on the 'Net containing gray content.

If you'd like to see your listing, go to:

. . . .

If you'd like to see the full Gray Areas Magazine Home Page, go to:

You have a terrific site and we appreciate the hard work you do to maintain it. [Thank you!]

Netta Gilboa, President, Gray Areas, Inc.

The other group reminded me of many radio interviews I have done, pitting me against people, always males, who are too embarrassed by menstruation to talk calmly, just the way I used to be.

Your MUM understands, boys.

Some People are Looking for Your MUM

A group called Top Ten Promotions (which this site does not use) sent me Your Web Visibility Report, which indicates that one of the pages on this site was the 139th most requested page on InfoSeek for a undisclosed period. Not bad for a gray subject (see above).

And What Did Those Catamenial Cats Do Recently?

Your MUM's two distinguished cats, MaxiMUM (Professor Mack C. Padd) and MiniMUM (Assistant Professor Minnie Padd), duked it out last week; Minnie is spending more time outdoors to let Max chill. I suspect it's just like academic turf wars anywhere else. But it's hard on the people who have to live with it.

New this week: Russian tampon - box for Form-Fit sanitary apron

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