Happy New Year - Crash!

I wish everyone a good 1998, and I hope it goes better than my first day of the year!

Happy to be home, I decided, for the heck of it, to see what America Online was all about, and join it, at least for the free fifty hours they offered.

Well, I changed my mind after trying for too long, unsuccessfully, to connect to the 'Net through one of their local phone lines. So I dumped their software from my computer, and then couldn't get back to my own Internet provider, Erols, here in Washington. Sweat beads appeared on my ample forehead as I realized that things were going crazy on my machine.

But it was too late to work on it any more, so I went to bed. Visions of not updating this Web site when promised (see my statement on the first page), and not answering e-mail kept me tossing all night.

So when I finally again had time to really work on the problem, yesterday, my Norton Utilities told me my disk was so damaged that it couldn't be repaired, and that I must reformat the disk.

"Reformat the disk" are three words that terrify me. It means wiping the hard drive clean and starting over! I had never had to do it before.

Just last night, after 10 hours of rescuing files and trying to piece things together again, did I reestablish my e-mail and Internet contacts, and hastily get together what you're seeing right now. Whew! It's amazing how dependent on my computer I've become.

Because of this, I offer this shortened version of the MUM update this week, which includes advertising from Germany and the USA. The interesting e-mail and other items will appear next week.

That is, if my computer holds up!

Calling All Menstrual Painters, I!

A recent visitor to the museum left this request:

I am creating a show on menstruation and menopause, and looking for work in all media. It can be from a spiritual, cultural, personal, or historical perspective.

The show runs 9 - 19 April 1998 at the Pentucket Arts Center, Haverhill, Massachusetts (U.S.A.).

As soon as you can, contact Amy Shutt, Bradford College, Box 511, Bradford, MA 01835 (U.S.A.). Phone: (978) 469-1323, or e-mail: ashutt@bnet.bradford.edu

I need your work or proposals as soon as possible!

Calling All Menstrual Painters, II!

And here's another request:

Hi, I'm a student from Australia trying to contact some feminist artists who use menstrual blood as a medium - are you able to help me out? It would be much appreciated.

laura : alra.editors@adelaide.edu.au


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