Calling All Menstrual Painters, I!

A recent visitor to the museum left this request:

I am creating a show on menstruation and menopause, and looking for work in all media. It can be from a spiritual, cultural, personal, or historical perspective.

The show runs 9 - 19 April 1998 at the Pentucket Arts Center, Haverhill, Massachusetts (U.S.A.).

As soon as you can, contact Amy Shutt, Bradford College, Box 511, Bradford, MA 01835 (U.S.A.). Phone: (978) 469-1323, or e-mail:

I need your work or proposals as soon as possible!

Calling All Menstrual Painters, II!

And here's another art request:

Hi, I'm a student from Australia trying to contact some feminist artists who use menstrual blood as a medium - are you able to help me out? It would be much appreciated.

laura :

Read Somethin' Fierce!

I got this nice missive last week:

Fierce Dot Com Fierce Dot Com Check out our review.


Dear Harry,

I am writing to inform you that we have awarded The MUM with the Fierce award. Your site is the "Most Informative/Useful Fierce Site" ( this week. is a review site aimed at the illumination of important and elite sites on the Web. Fierce is the gateway for many surfers who use the site as a their starting point to set them on their digital travels.

Thank you and congratulations. Most of all, thank you for developing such a useful and informative site.

All the best,

Tor Hyams

Editor, Fierce Dot Com

Yes, It is a Shame

A writer from New Mexico e-mailed today:

I wanted to say a quick hello and a thank you for your Web site. I hyperlinked in from a Snap! Online Web page on medical oddities online.

It's a shame the media have to present things as either tragic, controversial, or odd. Your museum seems none of those. Forgive the double entendre, but you seem to have found a void and filled it.

Again, thanks for the Web site. Happy holidays.

Brief Update on Lunatic Pants

Emily Simpson called from Australia to add some information about her bodywise underpants.

She said they are cotton Lycra, with no waistband, so they expand as you expand during your cycle. The underpants have a wide crotch to hold the pad better, and the back part is cut on a curve for comfort.


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