Cups Are "Totally Impractical"

A visitor to this site e-mailed this today:

You're not "getting" it about menstrual cups.

Think about them practically-- particularly in a public bathroom, for example at the office, you'd have to take the thing out, stuff toilet paper in your underwear, get dressed, rinse the cup, get undressed again . . . it's totally impractical. There are exactly zero bathrooms that I use regularly where I can reach the sink from the toilet.

Besides, if you have longer fingernails, the blood would pool under them-- and it's a bitch to try to wash all of it off so that it doesn't show.

Before I say anything, remember that I'm just a guy, and I'm actually just passing along information! Anyway, some women put the cup in before they go to work, and remove it after they get home in the evening. This works best with Instead, which is messy, but which can remain in the vagina for 12 hours.

Read the new section repeating all your comments and also the MUM historical series on cups.

Why MUM Exists

I received this e-mail last week

Dear Mr. Finley [MUM founder and director],

I just wanted to take a few moments to compliment you on the MUM Web site, and for opening the museum.

I must say that I find the general attitude of society about menstruation to be rather dismaying. Your museum and the site serve a valuable purpose in educating the public and normalizing attitudes towards what is, after all, just a natural bodily function.

I was completely dumbfounded by the negative letters you received. I can't say that I understand how educating people can be termed "putting women down." To me it seems rather the opposite. By recognizing and showing exactly what it is that women experience, a forum for discussion is opened, and people can start to feel less uncomfortable about a sensitive subject. Keeping it under wraps helps no one.

Also, I found much of the information on the site to be extremely valuable. I would never have known about alternatives to disposable tampons and pads or been able to read up about cups and natural tampons and non-disposable pads if I hadn't found MUM.

It never even occurred to me that there might be other options out there and I thank you for exposing them and providing resources which answered the questions I had about the safety and viability of such products.

As for your being a guy, frankly my first thought was, "who cares?" or why would anyone care? It's great to see that there are men out there who can be sensitive and intelligent and open about women's health concerns and not blush or cringe back in fear.

I'm intrigued by MUM, and shall have to get up off my lazy bum and come visit since I live in the DC area.

Again, thank you.

Yes to Instead, No to The Keeper

Last week also brought this comparison:

Hi. Thought I'd give my $.02 worth about Instead, as I have just used it for the first time (and I live in NY, so it's here on the East Coast!)

First, I'd like to state that I am unhappy about the non-biodegradeability of Instead [menstrual cup]. I sent for and tried the Keeper, thinking this was the perfect device for me, both physically and ethically. I was much dismayed to find that I could not wear it comfortably. It was just too long, and even after snipping off some of the tail (quite a lot, actually) as instructed, it still was too long. (I ordered the after-childbirth size, as I've had two, all natural.) I reluctantly sent it back, and received a prompt refund.

However, as a menstruation device, Instead was great. It fit me, diameter-wise, although I'm sure it won't fit everyone. I partially assuaged my guilt over the throwaway issue by using a single cup for one whole period. I just took it out and washed it every twelve hours. I could not see using a new cup every twelve hours--the things are just too sturdy. This would be difficult in public restrooms, however.

So, that's my Instead testimonial. Your site is great, by the way.


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