MUM Picks the Second Member of Its Board of Directors!

This museum is proud to announce that Ms. Miki Walsh, of Ocean Grove, New Jersey, is a new member of the board for the future non-profit Museum of Menstruation!

Ms. Walsh is a teacher and enthusiastic supporter of MUM, and will represent this museum at GirlCon '97 at Wellesley College in two weeks. She fills one of two spots on the board reserved for people under 25 years of age.

She was born in the same hospital in Long Branch, New Jersey, as the director of MUM (although a few decades later), and did her student teaching just a few miles from the school in which the director once taught seventh grade mathematics in High Point, North Carolina. It's a small world!

The museum picked Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Jr., of the New York University Medical Center, as its first board member.

The Museum of Menstruation is becoming a non-profit corporation, and is searching for board members to guide its future development.

The purpose of this museum is to create exhibits and other information for the general public, and resources for scholars, that show the place of menstruation and allied subjects in world culture.

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