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Tampax: 7 ads, 1966 - actress Susan Dey ad, 1970 - Box of regular Tampax, 1970
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Fems menstrual tampons, Australia, 1967
Kimberly-Clark of Australia Pty. Ltd., Lane Cove, N.S.W.


I thank Tambrands, the former maker of Tampax, for the donation!

Below: The two-sided instructions measure 7 7/8 x 3 1/4" (20 x 8.4 cm).
The woman's holding a box of Fems in her right hand but
until I remembered an old Australian marketing trick and
enlarged and darkened the picture.
Below: She's holding the ALARM CLOCK included in every box!
(But someone at donor-Tambrands swiped the one in my box.)
See, when a Fems user falls asleep in class the alarm rings
when she has to change her tampon
Then the teacher, let's call him Mr. Wilson, gently shakes
the user's shoulder and reminds her it's time.
The thankful student exits amid excited conversation
about how thoughtful the Fems company is.
Oh, wait! Is it a STOPWATCH?
That figures.
Australian men, have you ever wondered why your women get
up from a restaurant table together to "powder their noses"?

(At least when this tampon was made in the 60s they did.)
Well, in another Down-Under oddity, the sports-minded
Aussie women often sit in the ladies' room in adjoining toilet
stalls. Then, at a signal from the one selected as time-keeper, they insert their
Fems tampons as fast as they can, timed by the precision Fems stopwatch!

Losers buy dessert!
Um, honest competitors take the wrapper off first:)
Oh, OK, I'm just kidding about the Australian customs above.
Below: Reverse side.

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More Kotex tampons: the very early Moderne Woman, fax, Nunap, & Fibs, all 1930s.
Tampax: 7 ads, 1966 - actress Susan Dey ad, 1970 - Box of regular Tampax, 1970
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