Langenburg castle - it actually looks like a fortress - is in the center of my box of Wibele, a kind of cookie made only in the little town at the foot of the castle. Queen Victoria liked to give boxes of it as Christmas presents. The cookie has a nice vanilla taste.

Langenburg is an hour or two east of Stuttgart, and has been one of seven castles in the Hohenlohe family - this area of Germany is called the Hohenlohe - since the twelfth century. Prince Friedrich of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg, the cousin of the resident princess, has been a painting companion of my brother George - the prince lives in Castle Waldenburg, up the road a piece - and they have had two-man exhibits, one in New York. Prince Friedrich has a sure, loose style, to me reminiscent of Cézanne, especially in the colors.

My brother (art Web site) has been a painter, graphic designer and cartoonist for many years in St Andrews, Scotland, and Gnadental ("Valley of Grace"), where his wife was born, near Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. He has a studio in Schwäbisch Hall - "Hall" is related to "halide," salt - was wealthy and famous in the middle ages for its salt extraction, and was a Reichsstadt, a free city, answerable only to the Holy Roman Emperor because of its wealth. Smart guy.

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