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Ask About the Menstrual Ads Parody and Period Tracker from Australia

Sharon Hill writes from Melbourne, Australia, about a funny way to track your periods:

Out of the Box and on to the Wall: The Black-and-White Menstruals Agenda Sings Up a Storm

The Black and White Menstruals Agenda, using a mix of humour and design, not only lets women (and men if they wish) keep track of their periods each month, but also pokes fun at the stereotypes perpetuated through advertising media.

The work of Sharon Hill and Alison Blackburn, The Menstruals Agenda grew out of our parody on feminine hygiene advertising, which featured in the Out of the Box exhibition at last year's Melbourne Fringe Festival.

As a result of the exhibition's impact, our parody was fleshed out into a commercial product with a two-fold purpose: to remind women each month of their periods and to give women a witty perspective on the inevitable monthly blood flow.

Designed to be used in any month of any year, the Agenda features twelve graphic designs lampooning various commercial aspects of selling feminine hygiene products.

"New Freudian Tampons can be your best friends" displays an image of Bonnie Blush in a cozy couch discussion with a tampon (Dr. Salivar Darlee), a highly trained clinical psychologist who can deal with any menstrual conflict.

"Ken's tampon envy, trumpets a third month" because he wants to swim, surf and ride horses too!

Because each page has all 12 months and 31 days listed, the Agenda is able to be used in any month for any year. Red spots are included to mark the month and day the period is due.

She continues, "the Agenda is 2 colour (Black/White and RED), A4 format and although it could be confused as a calendar IT DOESN'T HAVE A USE BY DATE - it has been designed to be used ANY month of ANY year and can in fact (unlike other sanitary products) can be used again and again, year after year!"

Until she gets her web page ready, e-mail her for price and more information at Agenda@access.net.au

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