Relax in a German Menstrual Hut!

Last week brought this e-mail from Germany. Are there more huts in Europe?


my name is Petra, and I live in Würzburg, Germany. I belong to a group of women who have just opened the first "Menstruationshütte" [menstrual hut] in Würzburg. This is a place where women can relax, talk with other women, get information about menstruation and get a massage or a cup of special tea. On Thursday, 3 July 1997, we will open for the first time. We hope a lot of women will visit the "Menstruationshütte."

And Also From Germany, Get Information About Women's Health

Sigrun Gürschner from Nürnberg, Germany, e-mailed to say she would link her site (in German) about women's health to this site. Check it out! There are some good links, even to English-speaking sites.

It's nice to hear from Germans! I spent 13 great years in Heidelberg, Aschaffenburg and Frankfurt. For any Germans who may be reading this: Ich kann ein bißchen Deutsch, und würde gern mit Ihnen sprechen! Schreiben Sie mal an!

Next Week I will Resume Health Information

I've completed maybe 95% of my redesign of these pages, and I can devote my time to adding information to the site.

See you then!

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